Embedded within the word restoration is a story. It implies that there was once something whole, functional and esteemed; but for whatever reason, it fell into disrepair. Yet, instead of discarding it and starting from scratch, it underwent a process of revitalization. New life was breathed into something already present, returning it to its original splendor.  

Restoration is a Minneapolis word. This city loves to restore old buildings, old cars, and pieces of art. These laborers roll up their sleeves at the thought of finding something broken down, working through the process of reawakening its beauty, and giving it renewed purpose.

More importantly, restoration is a biblical word. The Old Testament is full of God’s restorative work in disgraced people, stolen possessions, defeated cities, and deflated souls. In the New Testament, Jesus restores diseased people to full health and those who are ostracized back into society. The whole restoration of the created world rests on his shoulders bound to the cross. And we have been giving the privilege of carrying that message to every corner of the world. 

When someone is restored, their wounds are healed and their hearts are aligned to God’s original intent for their lives. Likewise, we believe that Jesus wants to restore our unraveled stories into the wholeness of his Father’s story.


We believe...

This world is in desperate need of God's love. The longer we try to navigate life apart from him, we only become more entangled by shame, hostility, and confusion. As Augustine said, our heart is restless until it rests in God. Praise be to God that he doesn't leave us alone — he sent his son, Jesus, to give us grace, peace, and purpose.

We are a church walking in the Good News of Jesus' ongoing, restorative work. Our faith has been received and carried on by the historic Christian Church throughout the centuries and across the globe. This includes a commitment to the Bible as the Word of God. We believe the Scriptures are the truth by which we order our lives. We also hold to the central place of Jesus as the unique Son of God. Freedom from sin, death, and darkness is found in his sacrificial death and resurrection alone.

If you would like to learn more about the beliefs held by those in our global faith community, you can read on here. We recognize that all of us are on a faith journey, and we warmly welcome those with questions and doubts.


Historically Rooted

The Anglican Church traces its roots all the way back to the 2nd Century, when the first Christian missionaries came to the British Isles. Our tradition is shaped by the historic teachings and practices of the apostolic Church, and also by the biblical and evangelical values of the Reformation. The Book of Common prayer shapes our worship and life together around this tradition, and we celebrate its beauty, stability, and power to put us in the way of Jesus.


Globally Connected

The Anglican communion is the third largest Christian body in the world (following the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church), with over 85 million members in over 165 countries. We are proud of our diverse global communion, and value the encouragement and perspective this connection brings us.


Locally Partnered

Restoration is within the Diocese of the Upper Midwest, pursuing a vision of boundless revival—where there is no limit to the way Jesus loves us, unifies us, and equips us for new things.

We are commissioned by Church of the Cross in Hopkins, and are extremely grateful for Cross' coaching, financial oversight, event cooperation, and friendship.



God is love. Through Jesus, we are restored into the embrace of our heavenly Father and equipped with his Spirit. His ministry of reconciliation aligns us to God and leads to immediate implications. Humility, forgiveness, and peacemaking are the marks of our relationships both within our community and among our city.



In Christ, our relational circles are drawn bigger. We open our lives and hearts to others, prophetically calling out to a society fraught with transactional relationships. We receive not just the familiar, but those often overlooked in our society: strangers, sojourners, and children — thereby welcoming Christ himself.



The grace of God is inexhaustible and life-giving, but unfortunately, the noise of society easily muffles our ability to hear from him. We believe God, the incarnate Word, speaks to us. Therefore, we strive to create space and embrace rhythms that foster holy curiosity.



We seek to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. All of creation is held together by him; and in him we live, and move, and have our being. In light of this, we expect to be met by his redeeming presence in every season, every vocation, and every aspect of our lives.



Since the beginning, God has blessed his people so that they may be a blessing to others. Following Christ’s example, we are drawn to people on the margins who are often left behind in mainstream society. Additionally, we affirm that serving others is not the last stop of discipleship, but rather a way in which we meet Jesus.


Meet The Stawarz Family

Rev. Rick and Molly Stawarz have been partners in ministry throughout their ten year marriage. They've served within churches in Chicago, San Francisco, and Birmingham. Along with their three vivacious daughters, they are eager to see how God uses Restoration Anglican to serve the neighborhoods of Minneapolis and bring people into a deeper love of Jesus.

In addition to being Lead Pastor at Restoration, Rick loves making fussy coffee, discussing the latest trends in tech, and camping with the family. It's rare to not find Molly engrossed in a book or baking up a storm for visitors. So if you're ever in need of a good cup of joe or an exciting meal, just say the word! 


Mission Partners

God routinely brings people out of the house of slavery and into his family. As his sons and daughters, we step into the family business and carry on in his work. It's out of this desire to restore hearts to God that we gladly partner with the following ministries of love, grace, and hope.


Anselm House

The mission of Anselm House is to help University of Minnesota students and faculty —and the wider Twin Cities community—connect the dots of study, faith, work, and relationships to each other. Anselm House wants to see the world and approach our lives as God created them to be: whole.

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Arrive Ministries is an affiliate office of World Relief, partnering with their worldwide community development efforts to provide top-notch resettlement services and compassionate care for displaced persons seeking asylum here in Minnesota.

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Hicks Family in Solomon Islands

Jonathan and Tess Hicks, and their six children, serve with SAMS in the Solomon Islands. Fr. Jonathan is a professor at Trinity School for Theology in Malaita while Tess is involved in womens’ ministries.

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As a Christian order among the poor, InnerCHANGE serves those who, for various reasons, find themselves marginalized and disempowered in South Minneapolis. They endeavor to extend the blessing of Jesus and his kingdom through demonstrations of love and through the invitation to follow Jesus as Lord in the community of his people, the church. 

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Together for Good

Together For Good is a volunteer movement that connects the children of parents in distress with host families who have been called to open their hearts, their arms and their homes to serve those in need. The TFG experience starts at church, where families are invited to not only change the lives of a fellow family for better, but to enrich their own with untold blessings by living out the gospel.

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