Book List for Lent

There is no right way to observe Lent.

In some seasons, we might seek to add elements to our faith journey: new prayer practices, intentional service opportunities, or daily liturgies. 

Other times, we might want to strip away —to take up a fast, to grow in generous giving, or to prune our schedules to make room for silence and solitude.

Perhaps it’s a mix of both. In compiling this list of resources, my hope is that there’s something here for everyone in regardless of your life stage.* Lent is an opportunity to enter into the wilderness and prepare for our most celebrated day of the year: Easter. Walter Wangerin Jr. says, “If you do not interrupt your life with the convictions of the death to come, then neither shall your death, when it comes, be interrupted by life.” 

Let us allow ourselves to be interrupted, that ultimately we may live and live life to the fullest. 


Introduction to Lent

The Good of Giving Up — Fr. Aaron Damiani

Fr. Aaron makes a case for why we should practice Lent as well as how. It’s a great introduction or refresher for people wanting to deepen their understanding of this season. 


Daily Devotionals

Reliving the PassionWalter Wangerin, Jr. 

In this daily devotional, Wangerin’s compelling narrative pulls you into the story, making it come alive in new and powerful ways. If you choose one book on this list, make it this one!


The Good DirtLacy Finn Borgo & Ben Barczi

Another daily devotional for families that spans from Ash Wednesday through Pentecost. Lots of activities and questions to help even the youngest of children enter into the story.


Spiritual growth

The Tech-Wise FamilyAndy Crouch

Perhaps you want to take Lent as an opportunity to reassess the place of technology in your life? There’s wisdom here for every person in our modern digital age, not just for families.


The Sacred EnneagramChristopher L. Heuertz

The enneagram is a personality framework that has helped people for centuries. This book suggests different disciplines for different personalities. It’s like spring cleaning for the soul.



Power and the GloryGraham Greene

The story of a “little whiskey priest,” in Mexico during a time of religious persecution. Greene’s gritty novel explores themes of abandonment, guilt, redemption and endearing faith.


Silence  — Shusaku Endo

Endo explains it best “I did not write a book about the silence of God. I wrote a book about the voice of God speaking through suffering and silence.”



The Secrets of Jesuit BreadmakingBr. Rick Curry

Bake your way through the church calendar with the Jesuits! They begin each Lent with simple, hearty breads and then add fruit/nuts as Easter approaches. Signs of hope coming from the oven!


Last Supper, Crucifixion, Descent  — Phaidon Press

Are you seeking a more contemplative, visual experience of Lent? This series contains masterpieces of Holy Week, spanning the centuries from Raphael to Picasso to Chagall.

*We don't endorse every word of these books, but we think that on the whole, you will find them helpful. If you have questions about any of the content, please don't hesitate to reach out and chat with us.