What is Breeze?

Breeze is the software we use to manage information and stay in touch. You can sign up for a Restoration Breeze account here

After signing in, you will be able to view your volunteer schedule, view your giving records, update your personal information, and access the Online Directory.

But don’t worry; even if you don’t create an account, you will still receive important information emailed to you at reasonable times, including volunteer reminders and annual giving statements.

Online Directory

The Online Directory exists so that regular attenders of Restoration can easily connect with one another. Only basic information is viewable in the Online Directory.

In order to view the Online Directory, one must be a regular attender of Restoration in good standing and have created a Breeze account; this means that one’s information is behind a password-protected, membership-based website and not publicly accessible. Minors are automatically excluded from the Online Directory. To view the Online Directory, sign into Breeze and click the “People” tab.

We assume that by voluntarily giving your contact information to church leaders and being a regular participant in the church that you would like to be included in the Online Directory. But we also realize that in some situations you may not want your contact information accessible to others. If that’s the case, use this form to opt out of the Online Directory. The request to opt out will take effect within an hour. Opting back into the Directory requires contacting church staff.

have questions?

Our church does not have an I.T. person. So, we ask that if you have a general question about how to use Breeze, please first visit their excellent support website.

If you have a unique question that can’t be solved through Breeze’s website, then contact Pastor Rick.