What is Lent?

Lent is many things. It is the 40 days leading up to Easter. It is a spiritual pilgrimage. It is a great fast before the great feast. It is a giving up and a putting on. It is ancient and new. Lent is a project of restoration. 

Like a contractor examining the foundation, support beams, and roofing, we are invited to ask where our soul finds support and shelter. This is not works-based righteousness; rather it is allowing the Carpenter of Nazareth to walk through each room of our soul, to clear away the dust, replace rotten pillars, and install new windows —for the sake of growing in our dependence of Him and to let in his life-giving Light!

Be blessed by the presence of Jesus. Our prayer is that he will meet you in your fasting, your generosity, and your prayers. May your heart be stirred and your soul fed during this beautiful season of Lent.

Resources for Lent

There is no right way to observe Lent. In some seasons, we might seek to add elements to our faith journey: new prayer practices, intentional service opportunities, or daily liturgies. Other times, we might want to strip away —to take up a fast, to grow in generous giving, or to prune our schedules to make room for silence and solitude. Perhaps it’s a mix of both.

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Good Friday Offering

It's our joy to tangibly express the good news of Jesus by collecting a special offering on Good Friday. This year, we will help fund Prison Fellowship’s ministry in Guinea, West Africa; where Kurt Swanson recently visited. Our offering will purchase food, clothing, bed linens, a towel, and toiletry items for prisoners living in dire circumstances.

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Easter Flowers

Placing Easter flowers in and around our worship space is one way we celebrate Easter. If you’d like to purchase a potted plant ($25) to be given in honor of someone special in your life or just to enjoy yourself, sign up below by Palm Sunday.  The names of honorees & donors will be included in the Easter bulletin and plants can be taken home on Easter Sunday. 

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 Holy Week Schedule