Values of Children’s Ministry

We celebrate children as full members of the church and we look for ways in which they can, each in their unique way, enter into the values of Restoration.

Reconciliation: God is love, and he is reconciling all things to himself, especially children. We invite children to encounter Christ, so that they become ambassadors of his peace, joy, and love. (2 Cor 5:18)

Hospitality: Jesus unabashedly welcomes children to himself and compels us to do the same. We welcome all children, exactly where they are, and join them on their spiritual journey.  (Mark 9:37)

Contemplation: The curiosity of a child is a powerful force, and the beauty of God is inexhaustible. We create space in which children can explore the depths of God through his Word, through prayer, and through worship. (Eph 1: 18)

Wholeness: God meets us in both the spectacular and mundane moments of life. We help children connect faith with all aspects of life.  (Col 1:20)

Mission: God calls us to love and serve our neighbor. We find ways in which children can put their faith into action. (Mk 12:30-31)

We anticipate the work of God in granting the grace, peace and purpose of Jesus to each child at Restoration!